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Customs Clearance and Delivery
The Mali Service Center (MSC) can assist with customs clearance and delivery for all the international procurements originated or delivered to Bamako, Mali. The MSC has proven itself to be responsive and reliable when it comes to the rapid clearance and delivery of all goods that have been consigned to the MSC. 

The MSC works through a reputable and experienced transit company, Transit Manutention Services(TMS) in Mali. As a result of this relationship, the MSC is able to clear shipments the same night the goods arrive. This is especially critical for cold storage shipments, which require maintaining the cold chain throughout the shipping process.

Cold Storage Disclaimer:
The MSC does not assume any legal liability or responsibility to preserve cold storage during shipment.  The MSC will always strive to meet shipment and clearance requests that are accompanied by proper documentation and at least 72 hrs advance notice, but is not accountable for either perishable or non-perishable items. In addition, please note:
  1. Scientific programs must designate a contact person to work with the MSC. 

  2. Shippers should never mix perishable and non-perishable items in a single shipment. 

  3. Shipment documents must clearly indicate items that are frozen (dry ice, liquid nitrogen) or on gel ice. 

  4. Frozen and gel ice items should not be mixed in one shipment. 

  5. All perishable items must be clearly marked.

“With the MSC, I can make an e-mail request for a status report on the funding on my grant and receive an update that same day.”
- A Malian senior scientist who receives research funding from NIAID and other institutions.

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